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Various courses, some of which are listed below,  are run at Heathervale by members of the church, as and when they are required.


Christianity Explored Course

People who start coming to church often have many very real questions about Christianity, about who Jesus is, and whether the Bible is true etc.  Every so often we run a short course on a weekday evening to discuss these questions and many more.  Each evening starts with refreshments followed by a short talk on one of the subjects and then a time to discuss any questions and help people understand what Christianity is all about.


Discipleship Course

We believe that it is important that each of us grows in our Christian experience and discovers our full potential.  We run this course to help people understand how to grow up as Christians.  The course is run as required.


Baptismal Course

When a person has accepted Jesus Christ as their own Saviour and chosen to follow His teaching  as in the Bible, the opportunity will be given to seal that commitment and give public testimony to their decision by being baptised.  

This short course covers the basis and practical aspects of total immersion baptism as described in the Bible.


Church Membership Course

Following on from baptism the opportunity will be given to become a member of Heathervale Baptist Church.  This short course takes people through the commitments that are needed in becoming a member, with an explanation of the basis of what we believe and what our vision is.  People are welcomed into membership at a communion service. 


Marriage Preparation Course

The Bible makes clear that marriage is a strong institution and a good environment in which to bring up a family.  The Marriage Preparation Course is intended for couples anticipating marriage at Heathervale Baptist Church by offering a short course of preparation.  The course provides opportunity to consider together the joys, the pressures and the basis of a Christian marriage by outlining the foundational building blocks of a strong marriage.