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Our Mission aims  

We take very seriously our responsibility to  share in the fulfilment of ‘The Great Commission’  spoken by Jesus and recorded for us in Matthew 28: 19-20:

‘Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father  and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age’.

We understand that command to be holistic in its application, so that in bringing the Good   News of Jesus to the whole world, it may first   be necessary to meet the needs of people in the areas of food, housing, clothing, employment, medical care etc. and in so doing, express the love of Jesus for the physical as well as the    spiritual well-being of those with whom we  share God’s creation.


Mission Awareness

In the entrance area of the church there is a mission notice board which provides up to date information on the work of various mission organisations. Once a month prayer requests for specific organisations are circulated out through home group leaders. We have a mission prayer meeting on a Sunday evening about once a term.


Deacon for Mission

The Deacon for Mission is Ineke Clewer, her role is to enable the church to have an informed and relevant focus and to stimulate interest in world mission. In addition to a general awareness of both the need and how God's people can respond, this focus will include the distribution of allocated funds, one-off donations and the provision of opportunities to serve first hand.


Mission Support

As a church we are committed to sending out and supporting those who feel a call to work in mission situation. Anyone who is at all interested is encouraged in the first place to talk to our Pastor or Deacon for Mission.


Mission Organisations

Below is a selection of the Mission Organisations which we support as a church on a regular basis:

  • BU Home Mission
  • BMS World Mission
  • Eikon
  • European Christian Mission (Simon and Jennifer Barnes)
  • Trussell Trust
  • Compassion UK
  • Tearfund
  • Open Doors
  • London City Mission
  • SAT-7
  • MAF

BMS Birthday Scheme

The BMS Birthday Scheme Coordinator is Ineke Clewer, whose role is to distribute a birthday card to those who sign up to the scheme. Inside the card is an envelope for the recipient to give a gift towards the health and medical ministries of BMS World Mission.