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Small Groups

During the week at Heathervale, several different Small Groups meet together, either in homes or at the church.  Our small groups coordinator, Jude Thomas, would be pleased to speak to you further if you are interested in joining a Small Group.

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Small Groups

As a church we recognise the value of meeting together on a Sunday and during the week.  However, the Bible also shows that Christian   believers meeting together in homes was the way Christians made an impact on their society, (Acts 2 v 42-47).  Small groups are the foundation on which we build fellowship and relationships.    We actively encourage all the fellowship to join  a small group.

Small groups are made up primarily of ‘Home Groups’.  At various times we arrange other small groups for specific purposes or topics.

Home Groups

We encourage all those who attend Heathervale Baptist Church regularly, not just our members, to join a week-day small group.  The small groups meet in various homes and at various times in the week, both daytime and evening.  In a way, our small groups are like families where people really get to know one another well and support and encourage one another, particularly through tough times.

Our Vision


To journey together to become a Christ Centred, Spirit filled community of God's people, growing in our resemblance of the early church in Acts 2 42-47.

To see every person in the core of our church and in the growing community connected to a healthy, balanced small group.

 “You can develop a healthy, robust community that lives rightly with God and enjoys its results only if you do the hard work of getting along with each other, treating each other with dignity and honour.” James 3:18 msg


Our Mission


To help spiritual seekers become transformed believers who model Purpose Driven Lives and motivate others to do the same.


The aim of our small groups is to grow in our faith in God by:

· Caring – by supporting, encouraging and praying for one another,

· Worshipping – by encouraging participation and intimacy with God,

· Learning – by studying and sharing the Word of God,

· Equipping – by discovering, using and growing in spiritual gifts in a safe place,

· Reaching out – by living and sharing our faith wherever we are during the week,

· Fun – by enjoying each other’s company socially and sharing food together.


Seniors' Specials

Once a month, there is an opportunity for the Seniors to get together.  Mostly they are Saturday mornings (10.30am - 12noon) when there will be a particular speaker or activity of general interest and, once a term,  there is an afternoon Tea Party (3 - 5pm) - usually based around a theme.   These are very popular with our older friends.


Friends Connect

Friends Connect is a group for all women in the community who desire to build relationships with each other in sharing life’s journey, supporting and caring for each other.  We meet each Tuesday between 1pm – 2.45pm at the church.  We have coffee & chat about a ‘life issue’ and discuss what God might say about it.  We share out thoughts and listen to each other.  Together, we hope to discover what God’s purpose is for our lives.