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Why We Worship

As Christian people we desire to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which we want to celebrate and encourage through various expressions of worship of God.

Our worship values are:

  • Intimacy
  • Integrity
  • Accessibility


Worship Is Our Response To God's Greatness

It is by giving of ourselves through songs, hymns, prayers, readings and listening that we draw close to God in devotion and intimacy, through which we hear His voice to us.  We seek a real encounter with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in our times of worship.



We aim to be an authentic and real people and therefore there is no expectation on anyone for whom the words are not their experience to participate in the singing etc.

Our aim is to celebrate Jesus as Lord of our lives and to make Him the centre of our lives and then live that out with integrity every day.

We want to have a real encounter with God when we gather together that will motivate us to speak the Good News of the Kingdom of God to those we meet every day.

We encourage congregational participation in testimony and sharing, as prompted by the Holy Spirit but in an orderly way.  Before sharing any spiritually inspired words or pictures during a worship service, they should firstly be shared with the pastor or worship leader.



We recognise that worship of God is expressed differently by different people and we offer different styles of Sunday worship services for that reason.  We also have regular services for youth worship, meditative communion and corporate prayer times, all of which form part of our worship life.

In addition to our times of worship on a Sunday we also encourage worship in the home groups and at other meetings.


The Bible

We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired, infallible Word of truth to us to enable us to discover a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and lead lives which reflect the qualities of Jesus.  We hold to the completeness of the Bible as God’s guidance to us for our lives. 


Worship Is Stewardship

We believe that our worship includes the stewardship of the whole of our God given lives, all our daily work, whether paid or voluntary, our service in raising our families, our skills, our possessions and our finances.  It is all a demonstration of our commitment to the work and  service of Jesus Christ.  

The Bible speaks much about giving back to God what He first gave us, as an expression of our worship and thankfulness for His goodness to us in all His provisions for our lives.  This means that our worship on a Sunday should equip and inspire us in our service to God in our daily living.

Our desire is that everyone grows in their relationship with Jesus and, by committing to devote time, energy and money, we begin to recognise God’s Lordship over all of our lives.  If you feel called to offer to give of your time and talents to the worship team, be it as musician, singer, leader or PA operator, please contact the Worship Deacon through the church office.

We aim to be a generous people so that we can resource God’s calling on us to reach out into our community with the Good News of Jesus Christ, but also to demonstrate God’s generosity outside the church in what we give away of what God has generously given us.

For more information on financial giving to the work of God please pick up a ‘Giving’ flyer at the Welcome Desk.