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Last Updated: 31st July 2018

Monday morning prayer meetings

We will continue to meet during the summer holidays (not the bank holiday) for those who can make it. Please join us if you can.


Summer Coffee Stop

This will continue to run through the summer holidays (except Bank Holiday Monday) but from 10-11.30am.


Operation Christmas Child

OCC is coming to Heathevale again. Our processing centre for the KT area will be open from Tuesday 13th to Thursday 29th November. We are expecting to receive up to 6000 shoebox gifts this year!

We had a wonderful team of helpers and drivers last year, and will be looking to recuit even more this year. There is also the possibility of an evening session for those who are unable to come during the day.

A big "thank you" in advance!


Summer Sunday Cover - Sparks & Lasers

There is a sign up list in the lounge for anyone who can help with cover for our children's group during the summer holidays.

We need 2 or 3 people each week, who need to be DBS cleared (or see Evelyn and it can be arranged).

There is no set teaching planned. Please help with this if you are able.

During the summer holidays the services will finish at 11.45,  and the children have the option to come back in for the final worship session, if the helpers want to do that.



Summer Clear Out

Over the past years we as a church have collected a great deal of clutter, some useful, some junk. It is now time for a clear out. We have great facilities here and it is important that we are making the best use of the space we have. We propose hiring a skip to remove the rubbish but prior to that we need to decide what is to be kept and what is to be lost. The specific areas we will be addressing are:

  • The shed,
  • The outside store behind the lounge
  • The room off of the youth lounge
  • The store room near the men's toilets
  • The store room in the sports hall (not Girls' Brigade/Hopscotch room)

If there is anything that you are responsible for and you know you want to keep please either remove it or label it clearly. We will be displaying unknown items for a couple of weeks prior to binning them. I would suggest we will get the skip mid-August.   Nearer the time we will put out a box with pens, labels, selotape etc, to help. 

If you have any questions please speak to Marc or Adrian

We will email nearer the time with more details.


We have booked a skip on 20th August for up to three weeks. From Monday 6th, we will be moving items for potential disposal to the prayer room and under the window in the lounge, you may have already noticed the puzzles. We may also email about larger items that are impractical to move to these areas. If you think there may be any items that should be retained for church use, please take the time to have a look in these areas and label the items clearly with your name and the group that they will be used by.

There may also be items, such as the puzzles that are free to take, these will be displayed on a clearly marked table in the lounge.

There is a box of labels, pens and selotape on the serving hatch in the kitchen. You may use these for indicating your items,  but please put them back where they were when you have finished so that others can use them.  Items which have not been claimed or labelled to keep, will be disposed of.