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6.30pm     Registration and Tuck

                 Registration is just 50p per week

                 Spend up to 50p on sweets and a bottle of fizzy drink for just 30p

                 Money raised will be used to subsidize trips and activities

6.45pm     5 minute inspirational video

                 Watch a short video before deciding what to do next

6.50pm     Games, Crafts and Sports

                 Each week a variety of games and activities will be on offer including:

                           Football                                           Skittles

                           Cricket                                              Hockey

                           Volley Ball                                        Table Tennis      

                           Wheelie Bin Basket Ball                 or Pool

                 Or Play the Wii on the Massive 65 inch TV.

                 Compete in the Great eMErge Bake Off

                 Swimming & Barbeque – No additional cost

                 Weather permitting park trips for wide games/football/rounders

                 Air Hop, LaserQuest, Bowling etc. – Additional cost may apply

8.00pm     End